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Shipping Info & Bundle Deals

Shipping Info & Bundle Deals

We offer free shipping within USA on all items from our main collections

As of April 2019, shipping is still free. If anything changes, we'll shoot you a message with an update.
3/50 collection is not eligible

Foodsaver Cash + Llellie Greens

Foodsaver Cash + Llellie Greens

My vintage foodsaver saves you cash. $15 in llellie greens during March and April 2019 if you received your package with foodsaver airsealed goodies. One per client per month. My big Thank You to you! xoxo

llellie on poshmark

llellie on poshmark

if you are new to llellie, welcome!

here is our poshmark resume + some credentials in case you landed on our shop wondering what the hey ☺︎

llellie is

curated vintage clothing and accessories.
vintage items are pre-loved and handpicked with contemporary humans in mind. plus a few new in-house llellie items 

we believe in

sustainability, circular economy, and mindfulness.
getting dressed in the morning should be fun and inspiring


llellie is a poshmark ambassador with over 1700 items sold
that's 1700 items off landfills and into our beautiful client's closets! 


quick and fancy iphone screenshot of llellie stats as...