Clothes you can eat in!

llellie is an online retail space for future conscious humans and all types of tribes. we bridge the gap between old and contemporary with each piece of quality pre-loved & vintage with in-house line. recirculating, reusing, curating the perfect wardrobe. together, we are on the way to sustaining resources in use for as long as possible while scaling down landfills


since july 2018, 1700 items have found a new home across the US

it wouldn't have been possible without all of your support through llellie on poshmark. don't panic, our poshmark store is here to stay



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Behind the curtains:

My name is Ellie. Mom, no longer mommy according to my 10 year old. Official referee of 3 elementary, 1 middle schooler, and a bengal feline. I run a circus and llellie from my couch, basketball court, and other tight spaces with free Wi-Fi. Caffeine is my best friend and I make mediocre pb&j